GUZU express the centre philosophy.

GUZU is a question and an invitation.
It is the short for GURA DOZU. Meaning, do you want to?
That´s to say, would you like to go in for?
It is therefore an invitation to come up to our centre.
Knowing your experiences, wishes and needs will enable us to plan the most suitable guidance programmes.

GUZU defines the participants as well, we (GU) and you (ZU).

So we devote to you. We are professionals and our only goal is to help couples, families, groups or whoever, in addition to those projects aimed to different institutions.

Besides, GUZU relates to those relationships shared by individuals (GU) and the psychological and sexological aspects each one leads (ZU).

All in all, GUZU offers psychological and sexological guidande, sexual and couple guidance, familiar and educative guidance, illness processes guidance (speciality in psichoonchology), pregnancy and pre-birth and post-birth guidance.